22.97. Release 0.88

General Changes

  • Added arbitrary() aggregation function.
  • Allow using all Aggregate Functions as Window Functions.
  • Support specifying window frames and correctly implement frames for all Window Functions.
  • Allow approx_distinct() aggregation function to accept a standard error parameter.
  • Implement least() and greatest() with variable number of arguments.
  • ARRAY is now comparable and can be used as GROUP BY keys or in ORDER BY expressions.
  • Implement = and <> operators for ROW.
  • Fix excessive garbage creation in the ORC reader.
  • Fix an issue that could cause queries using row_number() and LIMIT to never terminate.
  • Fix an issue that could cause queries with row_number() and specific filters to produce incorrect results.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Cassandra plugin to fail to load with a SecurityException.