22.18. Release 0.157

General Changes

  • Fix regression that could cause queries containing scalar subqueries to fail during planning.
  • Reduce CPU usage of coordinator in large, heavily loaded clusters.
  • Add support for DESCRIBE OUTPUT.
  • Add bitwise_and_agg() and bitwise_or_agg() aggregation functions.
  • Add JMX stats for the scheduler.
  • Add query.min-schedule-split-batch-size config flag to set the minimum number of splits to consider for scheduling per batch.
  • Remove support for scheduling multiple tasks in the same stage on a single worker.
  • Rename node-scheduler.max-pending-splits-per-node-per-stage to node-scheduler.max-pending-splits-per-task. The old name may still be used, but is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

Hive Changes

  • Fail attempts to create tables that are bucketed on non-existent columns.
  • Improve error message when trying to query tables that are bucketed on non-existent columns.
  • Add support for processing partitions whose schema does not match the table schema.
  • Add support for creating external Hive tables using the external_location table property.