22.21. Release 0.154

General Changes

  • Fix planning issue that could cause JOIN queries involving functions that return null on non-null input to produce incorrect results.
  • Fix regression that would cause certain queries involving uncorrelated subqueries in IN predicates to fail during planning.
  • Fix potential “Input symbols do not match output symbols” error when writing to bucketed tables.
  • Fix potential “Requested array size exceeds VM limit” error that triggers the JVM’s OutOfMemoryError handling.
  • Improve performance of window functions with identical partitioning and ordering but different frame specifications.
  • Add code-cache-collection-threshold config which controls when Presto will attempt to force collection of the JVM code cache and reduce the default threshold to 40%.
  • Add support for using LIKE with CREATE TABLE.
  • Add support for DESCRIBE INPUT to describe the requirements for the input parameters to a prepared statement.

Hive Changes

  • Fix handling of metastore cache TTL. With the introduction of the per-transaction cache, the cache timeout was reset after each access, which means cache entries might never expire.