This feature requires jaqy-azure plugin.

.wasb command can be used to configure the access credential if needed.

For importing, any types of blobs can be read. For exporting, block blobs are used for output. Blob encryption is not supported.

Path Syntax

See this blog. Basically, the path syntax is the following




They are handled the same.

Also, .blob.core.windows.net is optional in Jaqy implementation. Thus wasb://containerName@accountName/filePath is the same as wasb://containerName@accountName.blob.core.windows.net/filePath.


-- load jaqy-azure plugin first.
.load /vagrant/jaqy-azure/target/jaqy-azure-1.1.0.jar

-- configures a WASB access key
.wasb key somesecretkey

-- explicits specify the container and account names
.import csv -h wasb://mycontainer@myaccount/myfolder/test.csv
.importtable mytable

-- uses the WASB configuration for the account name
.wasb account myaccount
.import csv -h wasb://mycontainer@/myfolder/test.csv
.importtable mytable

-- uses the WASB configuration for the container name as well
.wasb container mycontainer
.import csv -h wasb:///myfolder/test.csv
.importtable mytable