Jaqy recognizes two types of comments.

  • Line comments on a line started with --. It should be noted that if -- is not at the beginning of the line, then it would not be recognized.
  • Block comments enclosed by .rem command and .end rem.

Note that /* */ style block comment is not recognized by Jaqy.

When Jaqy recognizes block of text as comment, it is ignored without transmitting the text to the database server. Otherwise, if the text does not start with ., then it is considered as part of SQL statement, and would be transmitted to the database server.

The main reason not to blindly stripping away all the comments is because for databases that support query logging, being able to search for queries using tokens buried inside comments is very useful.


-- a Jaqy line comment

-- The following two lines are executed together.
SELECT 1234; -------- Not recognized as Jaqy line comment
SELECT 1234;

.rem a Jaqy block comment;
SELECT 1234;
SELECT 1234;
.end rem

/* This is not recognized as a Jaqy block comment.  It is transmitted
   with the following SQL statement to the database server. */
SELECT 1234;

/* You will see error messages since `;` at EOL indicates the end of a SQL