S3 Path

This feature requires jaqy-s3 plugin.

Both getting and uploading files are supported. Uploading data to s3 requires local caching of the content in a file first.

For the default credentials, please refer to Working with AWS Credentials for the proper setup.

.s3 command can be used to configure the access credential and region if needed.


The following variables are used / set up by the path handler.

Variable Description
s3builder The builder to create the S3 client
s3client The currently cached s3 client
s3access The s3 access key
s3secret The s3 secret key


-- load jaqy-s3 plugin first.
.load /vagrant/jaqy-s3/target/jaqy-s3-1.0.jar

-- uses the existing s3 configuration
.import csv -h s3://mybucket/csv/test.csv
.importtable mytable

-- configures a new s3 connection property
.s3 access foo
.s3 secret bar
.s3 region us-west-2

.import csv -h s3://mybucket/csv/test.csv
.importtable mytable