Presto 0.141t Documentation

17.2. Teradata Additions

17.2. Teradata Additions

The following are notable additions in Presto 141t that differ the Presto community version 0.141.

Prepared Statements

Add support for Prepared statements and parameters via sql syntax.

Regular Expressions

Add support for running regular expression functions using the more efficent re2j-td library by setting the session variable regex_library to RE2J. The memory footprint can be adjusted by setting re2j_dfa_states_limit. Additionally, the number of times the re2j library falls back from its DFA algorithm to the NFA algorithm (due to hitting the states limit) before immediately starting with the NFA algorithm can be set with the re2j_dfa_retries session variable.

Kerberos Support

Add support for Presto to query from a Kerberized Hadoop cluster. The Hive connector provides additonal security options to support Hadoop clusters that have been configured to use Kerberos. When accessing HDFS, Presto can impersonate the end user who is running the query. This can be used with HDFS permissions and ACLs to provide additional security for data. See Security


Execute the statement and show the distributed execution plan of the statement along with the cost of each operation. See EXPLAIN ANALYZE


DECIMAL is a fixed precision data type that has been added. See DECIMAL