Handler Configurations

Various handlers in Jaqy can be configured using .handler command using JavaScript.

Currently, the following types of handlers can be configured.

type description
prompt the prompt after each command or SQL
title the terminal title
success the success message after SQL execution
update the update message after SQL update
error the error message after JDBC or command error
activity the activity count of the ResultSet

Class Types

The following JavaScript handlers are based on ScriptStateHandler .

  • prompt
  • title
  • success
  • update
  • activity

The following JavaScript handlers are based on ScriptErrorStateHandler .

  • error

The ScriptErrorStateHandler basically sets up three additional objects: message, error and sqlex to simplify the error message generation.


-- displays the current prompt
.handler prompt
-- restores default prompt
.handler prompt default
-- set a new prompt handler using javascript
.handler prompt display.fill ("-- javascript prompt: " + session.id + ": " + interpreter.sqlCount + "/" + interpreter.commandCount + " ") + "\n"
-- set a new title handler using javascript
.handler title "-- title --"
-- set a new success handler using javascript
.handler success "-- javascript success --"
-- set a new update handler using javascript
.handler update "-- javascript update: " + session.activityCount
-- set a new error handler using javascript
.handler error "-- javascript error: " + ((error == null) ? message : (sqlex == null ? error.message : ("SQL Error: " + sqlex.message)))
-- set a new activity handler using javascript
.handler activity "-- javascript activity: " + session.activityCount

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