Jaqy DocumentationΒΆ

Jaqy is a universal database client for connecting any databases with JDBC drivers. It is designed with the following features in mind.

  • Zero installation and requiring no administrative privileges. In contrast, ODBC drivers require administrative privileges to install and setup.
  • Late JDBC binding. JDBC drivers are loaded dynamically only when needed. As the result, Jaqy starts up quickly without needing to load unnecessary drivers.
  • Interactive and scripting support.
  • Various data display format. Currently, the following display formats are supported.
    • table
    • csv
    • json
  • Various data format supports for loading into and exporting from databases. Currently, the following formats are supported.
  • JavaScript integration to allow conditional statements and expression expansion.
  • Extensible. Plugins can be loaded at runtime to add new commands, new display, import and export formats, etc.

Jaqy is mainly tested against SQLite, Apache Derby, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL, since they can be easily made available as part of CI process. Brief testings on Teradata, HIVE, Presto, Teradata Aster etc were done, and it worked pretty well.

This software is NOT SUPPORTED by Teradata. This is an approved personal project of @coconut2015.