Installing the Presto Server

Prerequisites: Installing Presto Admin, Installing Java 8 and Configuring Presto-Admin

To install the Presto query engine on a cluster of nodes using presto-admin:

  1. Download presto-server-rpm-VERSION.ARCH.rpm

  2. Copy the RPM to a location accessible by presto-admin.

  3. Run the following command to install Presto:

    $ ./presto-admin server install <local_path_to_rpm>

Presto! Presto is now installed on the coordinator and workers specified in your ~/.prestoadmin/config.json file.

The default port for Presto is 8080. If that port is already in use on your cluster, you will not be able to start Presto. In order to change the port that Presto uses, proceed to Configuring the Presto Port.

There are additional configuration properties described at Configuring Presto that must be changed for optimal performance. These configuration changes can be done either before or after starting the Presto server and running queries for the first time, though all configuration changes require a restart of the Presto servers.

  1. Now, you are ready to start Presto:

    $ ./presto-admin server start

This may take a few seconds, since the command doesn’t exit until presto-admin verifies that Presto is fully up and ready to receive queries.