Installing Presto Admin

  • Python 2.6 or Python 2.7.
  • If you are using the online installer then make sure you’ve installed the Python development package for your system. For RedHat/Centos that package is python2-devel and for Debian/Ubuntu it is python-dev.

Presto Admin is packaged as an offline installer – prestoadmin-<version>-offline.tar.bz2 – and as an online installer – prestoadmin-<version>-online.tar.bz2.

The offline installer includes all of the dependencies for presto-admin, so it can be used on a cluster without an outside network connection. The offline installer is currently only supported on RedHat Linux 6.x or CentOS equivalent.

The online installer downloads all of the dependencies when you run ./ You must use the online installer for installation of Presto on Amazon EMR and for use on any operating system not listed above. If you are using presto-admin on an unsupported operating system, there may be operating system dependencies beyond the installation process, and presto-admin may not work.

To install presto-admin:

1. Copy the installer prestoadmin-<version>-offline.tar.bz2 to the location where you want presto-admin to run. Note that presto-admin does not have to be on the same node(s) where Presto will run, though it does need to have SSH access to all of the nodes in the cluster.


For Amazon EMR, use the online installer instead of the offline installer.

2. Extract and run the installation script from within the prestoadmin directory.

$ tar xvf prestoadmin-<version>-offline.tar.bz2
$ cd prestoadmin
$ ./

The installation script will create a presto-admin-install directory and an executable presto-admin script. By default, the presto-admin config and log directory locations are configured to be ~/.prestoadmin and ~/.prestoadmin/log, respectively. This can be changed by modifying the environment variables, PRESTO_ADMIN_CONFIG_DIR and PRESTO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR. The installation script will also create the directories pointed to by PRESTO_ADMIN_CONFIG_DIR and PRESTO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR. If those directories already exist, the installation script will not erase their contents.

3. Verify that presto-admin was installed properly by running the following command:

$ ./presto-admin --help

Please note that you should only run one presto-admin command on your cluster at a time.