22.22. Release 0.164

General Changes

  • Fix correctness issue for queries that perform DISTINCT and LIMIT on the results of a JOIN.
  • Fix correctness issue when casting between maps where the key or value is the REAL type.
  • Fix correctness issue in min_by() and max_by() when nulls are present in the comparison column.
  • Fail queries when FILTER clause is specified for scalar functions.
  • Fix planning failure for certain correlated subqueries that contain aggregations.
  • Fix planning failure when arguments to selective aggregates are derived from other selective aggregates.
  • Fix boolean expression optimization bug that can cause long planning times, planning failures and coordinator instability.
  • Fix query failure when TRY or lambda expression with the exact same body is repeated in an expression.
  • Fix split source resource leak in coordinator that can occur when a query fails.
  • Improve array_join() performance.
  • Improve error message for map subscript operator when key is not present in the map.
  • Improve client error message for invalid session.
  • Add VALIDATE mode for EXPLAIN.

Web UI Changes

  • Add resource group to query detail page.

Hive Changes

  • Fix handling of ORC files containing extremely large metadata.
  • Fix failure when creating views in file based metastore.
  • Improve performance for queries that read bucketed tables by optimizing scheduling.