8.3. ODBC Drivers

Presto can be accessed using one of the Teradata ODBC drivers. The ODBC drivers are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The drivers are available for free download from https://www.teradata.com/presto.

Teradata Presto ODBC Version Compatible Presto Versions Documentation
1.1.8 0.157.1-t.x Teradata Presto ODBC 1.1.8 Documention
1.1.4 0.152.1-t.x, 0.148-t.x Teradata Presto ODBC 1.1.4 Documention
1.1.3 0.148-t.x Teradata Presto ODBC 1.1.3 Documention
1.1.0 0.141-t Teradata Presto ODBC 1.1.0 Documention
1.0.0 0.127-t, 0.115-t, 0.101-t Teradata Presto ODBC 1.0.0 Documention

System Requirements

Operating System Driver Manager
OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10 iODBC 3.52.7 or later
Windows 32 and 64 Microsoft ODBC Driver Manager
RHEL 6.x, CentOS equivalent iODBC 3.52.7 or later, unixODBC 2.3.0 or later

Tableau Customizations

Windows Only The Teradata client distribution package comes with a Tableau Datasource Connection (TDC) file. The file is used to better the use of Presto and Tableau by customizing the SQL that Tableau sends to Presto via the driver. The TDC will not correct functionality, it will only inform Tableau of the best way to work with the Teradata Presto ODBC driver. The TDC file is included in the Presto Client Package download.

After installing the ODBC driver on Windows, you should copy the TDC file to the location Tableau will look for it: C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources

Tableau 10 Tableau 10 provides a named connector for Presto. For users on Tableau 10, the TDC file is not needed.