Presto 0.141t Documentation

17.20. Release 0.124

17.20. Release 0.124

General Changes

  • Fix race in memory tracking of JOIN which could cause the cluster to become over committed and possibly crash.
  • The approx_percentile() aggregation now also accepts an array of percentages.
  • Allow nested row type references.
  • Fix correctness for some queries with IN lists. When all constants in the list are in the range of 32-bit signed integers but the test value can be outside of the range, true may be produced when the correct result should be false.
  • Fail queries submitted while coordinator is starting.
  • Add JMX stats to track authentication and authorization successes and failures.
  • Add configuration support for the system access control plugin. The system access controller can be selected and configured using etc/ Note that Presto currently does not ship with any system access controller implementations.
  • Add support for WITH NO DATA syntax in CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT.
  • Fix issue where invalid plans are generated for queries with multiple aggregations that require input values to be cast in different ways.
  • Fix performance issue due to redundant processing in queries involving DISTINCT and LIMIT.
  • Add optimization that can reduce the amount of data sent over the network for grouped aggregation queries. This feature can be enabled by optimizer.use-intermediate-aggregations config property or task_intermediate_aggregation session property.

Hive Changes

  • Do not count expected exceptions as errors in the Hive metastore client stats.
  • Improve performance when reading ORC files with many tiny stripes.


  • Add support for pre and post control and test queries.

If you are upgrading, you need to alter your verifier_queries table:

ALTER TABLE verifier_queries ADD COLUMN test_postqueries text;
ALTER TABLE verifier_queries ADD COLUMN test_prequeries text;
ALTER TABLE verifier_queries ADD COLUMN control_postqueries text;
ALTER TABLE verifier_queries ADD COLUMN control_prequeries text;