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14.12. JSON Functions

14.12. JSON Functions

json_array_contains(json, value) → boolean

Determine if value exists in json (a string containing a JSON array):

SELECT json_array_contains('[1, 2, 3]', 2);
json_array_get(json_array, index) → varchar

Returns the element at the specified index into the json_array. The index is zero-based:

SELECT json_array_get('["a", "b", "c"]', 0); => 'a'
SELECT json_array_get('["a", "b", "c"]', 1); => 'b'

This function also supports negative indexes for fetching element indexed from the end of an array:

SELECT json_array_get('["c", "b", "a"]', -1); => 'a'
SELECT json_array_get('["c", "b", "a"]', -2); => 'b'

If the element at the specified index doesn’t exist, the function returns null:

SELECT json_array_get('[]', 0); => null
SELECT json_array_get('["a", "b", "c"]', 10); => null
SELECT json_array_get('["c", "b", "a"]', -10); => null
json_array_length(json) → bigint

Returns the array length of json (a string containing a JSON array):

SELECT json_array_length('[1, 2, 3]');
json_extract(json, json_path) → json

Evaluates the JSONPath-like expression json_path on json (a string containing JSON) and returns the result as a JSON string:

SELECT json_extract(json, '$');
json_extract_scalar(json, json_path) → varchar

Like json_extract(), but returns the result value as a string (as opposed to being encoded as JSON). The value referenced by json_path must be a scalar (boolean, number or string):

SELECT json_extract_scalar('[1, 2, 3]', '$[2]');
SELECT json_extract_scalar(json, '$[0].author');
json_format(json) → varchar

Returns json as a string:

SELECT json_format(JSON '[1, 2, 3]'); => '[1,2,3]'
SELECT json_format(JSON '"a"'); => '"a"'
json_parse(string) → json

Parse string as a json:

SELECT json_parse('[1, 2, 3]'); => JSON '[1,2,3]'
SELECT json_parse('"a"'); => JSON '"a"'
json_size(json, json_path) → bigint

Like json_extract(), but returns the size of the value. For objects or arrays, the size is the number of members, and the size of a scalar value is zero:

SELECT json_size('{"x": {"a": 1, "b": 2}}', '$.x'); => 2
SELECT json_size('{"x": [1, 2, 3]}', '$.x'); => 3
SELECT json_size('{"x": {"a": 1, "b": 2}}', '$.x.a'); => 0