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Learn how to install and use the AI Unlimited AI/ML engine in the cloud.

With AI Unlimited, data scientists and data engineers can explore and analyze large datasets in a Jupyter notebook using ClearScape Analytics™ functions—on a self-service, on-demand basis.

How it works

You connect your notebook to the AI/ML engine on AWS or Azure, and connect the engine to your Amazon S3 or ADLS Gen2 data lake. You can suspend and restore your analytics project anytime, and pay only for the hours you use.


If AI Unlimited has already been installed and set up by someone at your organization, you can go straight to Explore and Analyze Data to get started.

Included in AI Unlimited

  • An AI/ML engine that you deploy on AWS or Azure
  • The AI Unlimited manager, which orchestrates the engine's deployment and includes a web-based user interface for setup
  • The AI Unlimited Jupyter Kernel for managing projects in notebooks


  • A pay-as-you-go AWS or Azure account on which to provision compute resources. See the requirements for your AWS or Azure account.
  • A GitHub or GitLab account to host each project repository for authenticating users and storing project information.
  • Your object storage, where your Amazon or ADLS Gen2 data lake resides.
  • JupyterLab. See installation options.

When you install the manager, you'll provide details needed for its cloud deployment. See the AWS details or Azure details—if you want to work with a cloud admin to get them ahead of time.


With AI Unlimited you can collaborate on projects with other users.

If you prefer a simpler, single-user approach, try the QuickStart which runs the manager and JupyterLab in Docker containers on your computer.


Subscribe to AI Unlimited on the AWS Marketplace or Azure Marketplace.

For Azure only: Before you select Get It Now, complete these steps:

  1. Read the License Agreement.
  2. Open a terminal window and run this command.

For AWS or Azure, after subscribing, return to this documentation site and continue with What's next.

What's next

Now you're ready to install AI Unlimited on AWS or Azure.