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12.18. Teradata Functions

12.18. Teradata Functions

These functions provide compatibility with Teradata SQL.

String Functions

index(string, substring) → bigint

Alias for strpos() function.

char2hexint(string) → varchar

Returns the hexadecimal representation of the UTF-16BE encoding of the string.

Date Functions

The functions in this section use a format string that is compatible with the Teradata datetime functions. The following table, based on the Teradata reference manual, describes the supported format specifiers:

Specifier Description
- / , . ; : Punctuation characters are ignored
dd Day of month (1-31)
hh Hour of day (1-12)
hh24 Hour of the day (0-23)
mi Minute (0-59)
mm Month (01-12)
ss Second (0-59)
yyyy 4-digit year
yy 2-digit year


Case insensitivity is not currently supported. All specifiers must be lowercase.

to_char(timestamp, format) → varchar

Formats timestamp as a string using format.

to_timestamp(string, format) → timestamp

Parses string into a TIMESTAMP using format.

to_date(string, format) → date

Parses string into a DATE using format.