Presto 0.115t Documentation

Presto Server Installation

Presto Server Installation

Prerequisites: Presto Admin Installation, Java 8 Installation and Presto-Admin Configuration

The following describes how to install the Presto query engine on a cluster of nodes using the presto-admin software utility.

First download the Presto RPM and copy it to a location accessible by presto-admin. Then, to install Presto, run the following:

$ sudo ./presto-admin server install <local_path_to_rpm>

Presto! Presto is now installed on the coordinator and workers specified in your /etc/opt/prestoadmin/config.json file. Before you can issue your first query, you must start Presto:

$ sudo ./presto-admin server start

This may take a few seconds, since the command doesn’t exit until presto-admin verifies that Presto is fully up and ready to receive queries.