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Presto Port Configuration

Presto Port Configuration

By default, Presto configuration uses 8080 for the HTTP port. If the port is already used on a given node on your cluster, that server will fail to start. You can check if that port is already in use on a node by running the following on that node:

netstat -an |grep 8080 |grep LISTEN

It will return nothing if port 8080 is free.

You can configure the server to use a different port by changing the following properties in for both coordinator and workers:


You can add these properties with the new port to the file under each of the directories /etc/opt/prestoadmin/coordinator and /etc/opt/prestoadmin/workers locally, prior to running server install. You may need to create these two directories. If you have already installed Presto using server install then you can reconfigure the cluster to use a new port by updating the at /etc/opt/prestoadmin/coordinator and /etc/opt/prestoadmin/workers and then running configuration deploy.

presto-admin server start and server restart will check if the port configured for the server is already in use. If the port is in use on a node, then presto-admin will issue a warning and skip starting the server on that particular node.