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Presto Admin Installation

Presto Admin Installation

Prerequisites: Python 2.6 or Python 2.7

To install presto-admin, first copy the installer prestoadmin-0.1.0-offline.tar.bz2 to the location where you want presto-admin to run. The recommended installation location is /opt. Note that presto-admin does not have to be on same node(s) where Presto will run, though it does need to have SSH access to all of them. Next, extract and sudo run the installation script from within the prestoadmin directory.

$ tar xvf prestoadmin-0.1.0-offline.tar.bz2
$ cd prestoadmin
$ sudo ./

The installation script will create a presto-admin-install directory and an executable presto-admin script. Make sure to run the installation script with sudo. You can verify presto-admin was installed by running the presto-admin help. Please note that it is necessary to run all presto-admin commands with sudo.

$ sudo ./presto-admin --help

Please note that you should only run one presto-admin command on your cluster at a time.