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9.11. URL Functions

9.11. URL Functions

The URL functions extract components from HTTP URLs (or any valid URIs conforming to RFC 2396). The following syntax is supported:


The extracted components do not contain URI syntax separators such as : or ?.

url_extract_fragment(url) → varchar

Returns the fragment identifier from url.

url_extract_host(url) → varchar

Returns the host from url.

url_extract_parameter(url, name) → varchar

Returns the value of the first query string parameter named name from url. Parameter extraction is handled in the typical manner as specified by RFC 1866.

url_extract_path(url) → varchar

Returns the path from url.

url_extract_port(url) → bigint

Returns the port number from url.

url_extract_protocol(url) → varchar

Returns the protocol from url.

url_extract_query(url) → varchar

Returns the query string from url.