18.7. Release 0.145

General Changes

  • Fix potential memory leak in coordinator query history.
  • Fix column resolution issue when qualified name refers to a view.
  • Fail arithmetic operations on overflow.
  • Fix bugs in planner where coercions were not taken into account when computing types.
  • Fix compiler failure when TRY is a sub-expression.
  • Fix compiler failure when TRY is called on a constant or an input reference.
  • Add support for the integer type to the Presto engine and the Hive, Raptor, Redis, Kafka, Cassandra and example-http connectors.
  • Add initial support for the decimal data type.
  • Add driver.max-page-partitioning-buffer-size config to control buffer size used to repartition pages for exchanges.
  • Improve performance for distributed JOIN and GROUP BY queries with billions of groups.
  • Improve reliability in highly congested networks by adjusting the default connection idle timeouts.

Verifier Changes

  • Change verifier to only run read-only queries by default. This behavior can be changed with the control.query-types and test.query-types config flags.

CLI Changes

  • Improve performance of output in batch mode.
  • Fix hex rendering in batch mode.
  • Abort running queries when CLI is terminated.

Hive Changes

  • Fix bug when grouping on a bucketed column which causes incorrect results.
  • Add max_split_size and max_initial_split_size session properties to control the size of generated splits.
  • Add retries to the metastore security calls.