10.3. Presto Installation Directory Structure on YARN-Based Clusters

If you use Slider scripts or use Ambari slider view to set up Presto on YARN, Presto is going to be installed using the Presto server tarball (and not the rpm). Installation happens when the YARN application is launched and you can find the Presto server installation directory under the yarn.nodemanager.local-dirs on your YARN nodemanager nodes. If for example, your yarn.nodemanager.local-dirs is /mnt/hadoop/nm-local-dirs and app_user is yarn, you can find Presto is installated under /mnt/hadoop-hdfs/nm-local-dir/usercache/yarn/appcache/application_<id>/container_<id>/app/install/presto-server-<version>. The first part of this path (till the container_id) is called the AGENT_WORK_ROOT in Slider and so in terms of that, Presto is available under AGENT_WORK_ROOT/app/install/presto-server-<version>.

Normally for a tarball installed Presto the catalog, plugin and lib directories will be subdirectories under the main presto-server installation directory. The same case here, the catalog directory is at AGENT_WORK_ROOT/app/install/presto-server-<version>/etc/catalog, plugin and lib directories are created under AGENT_WORK_ROOT/app/install/presto-server-<version>/plugin and AGENT_WORK_ROOT/app/install/presto-server-<version>/lib directories respectively. The launcher scripts used to start the Presto Server will be at AGENT_WORK_ROOT/app/install/presto-server-<version>/bin directory.

The Presto logs are available at locations based on your configuration for data directory. If you have it configured at /var/lib/presto/data in appConfig.json then you will have Presto logs at /var/lib/presto/data/var/log/.