12.1. Teradata Connector

Teradata provides a low latency high performing connector that supports high concurrency and parallel processing between Teradata and Presto. The Teradata connector (also known as Presto-To-Teradata QueryGrid) can initiate a query from Presto to reach out to Teradata. The connector is architected to be as efficient as possible, leveraging SQL pushdown, column pruning, auto data conversion, and compression as well as optimized CPU usage.

To query tables that exist in Teradata from Presto all that is needed is to configure the Teradata connector by adding a teradata.properties file, then query from the teradata catalog. For example, if you have a sales table in Teradata and want to get the average price for the state of Massachusetts, execute the following query in Presto —

FROM teradata.sales.transactions
WHERE state=’MA’;

It is also possible to join data from Teradata with different data sources available in Presto.

The Presto-to-Teradata QueryGrid connector has simple, easy-to-use syntax, enabling a business user to quickly and interactively query between systems.

Teradata also provides a Teradata-to-Presto QueryGrid connector, to allow querying data in Presto from Teradata.

Click here for more information about the Presto Teradata QueryGrid Connectors

Contact presto@teradata.com for more information to obtain an evaluation of the Presto Teradata QueryGrid Connectors.